Built between 1732 and 1737 on behalf of Giacomo Girolamo de Brigido, designed by architect Giovanni Fusconi from Udine, was built on the foundations of his family house.
The Baron, captain of cuirassiers, dedicated his life to military art since he was young.
Later, he also covered the roles of judge and rector.
The building hosted in 1785 the bishop Franz Philipp von Inzaghi, who temporarily moved his residence there.
At the end of the eighteenth century it became the residence of Pompeo de Brigido Count of Bresowitz, governor of Trieste from 1782 to 1803.
During this period, more precisely on 29 and 30 April 1797, the Count had the honor of hosting at his home Napoleon Bonaparte, Commander in Chief of the Army of Italy, which in those days was passing through Trieste.
In memory of this event was put a plate on the main facade of the building.